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We offer a full fleet of walking floor trailers available for delivery across Ontario. We also offer tri-axles, tandems, and log trucks. 


For over three decades we have been providing full land clearing services. We offer tree clearing, on-site grinding with either tub or horizontal grinders, and forest waste disposal for our customers. 


For over three decades we have been providing demolition and excavating services to GTA projects. 




EL Cargo is a leader in mechanical tarp manufacturing in Canada. EL Cargo tarps are designed for dump trucks, walking floor trailers, and end dump trailers. Made using quality parts, EL Cargo is recognized for tarps that have water tightness, tightness of their anchoring hooks, and for being easy and quick to operate. 

In 2009, EL Cargo tested their tarp system and found that using their tarp system a savings of 15% fuel economy, when compared with uncovered trailers, This savings goes directly to the bottom line of the hauler. 

As an authorized EL Cargo dealer we understand the need for fast turnaround. We carry a full line of replacement parts. Wether you are looking for a repair or a full retrofit, we can get your truck back on the road fast and affordable! 

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